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Attach 'ready' videos to Composer articles, which then auto-publish when articles publish

Hi there.

Users can attach unpublished photographs to the body of a story in Composer.

When publishing such stories, the unpublished photographs automatically publish along with the story.

Is this possible for videos? Right now, we are unable to attach unpublished videos to the body of Composer files. We can only attach published videos.

It would be very helpful to users if they were able to attach a video that is "ready" but not yet published, and have that video go live when the Composer file is published.

I know users could just, at that point, go into Video Center and publish whatever video is needed, but when designing a photo/graphic/video heavy article ahead of time (which is then scheduled to publish on a given date), it would be very beneficial to editors designing such articles to be able to include "ready" videos.

They would get an accurate depiction of what a story would look like (if the video shows under article preview), they would be certain all aspects of it would publish when the article publishes, and they wouldn't have to return to Video Center to subsequently publish, and then attach, a video when the article goes live. (Perhaps the editor will not be working when the article goes live; perhaps the article is under embargo till a certain time that is off-hours for editors, etc. This would absolutely improve workflow.)

Thank you.

  • Steven Proceviat
  • Sep 21 2021
  • Future consideration
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