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Clipboard for URLs and IDs accessible across Arc ecosystem

Currently, to manually curate a page in PageBuilder, the user has to keep Composer and PageBuilder open to copy the article URLs and paste them into the features in PageBuilder one-by-one. Similarly, when linking WebSked Task IDs to Images or Lightboxes in Photo Center, the user has to go one-by one copying and pasting from one tab to the other. This means that users, especially editors who curate and assign tasks, spend a lot of time copying and pasting and clicking between tabs.

What about adding functionality to Arc Home to include a clipboard that persists across the entire Arc ecosystem? An editor, for example, could copy all the article URLs they need from Composer to their clipboard and paste all their URLs where they need to go in PageBuilder without having to click between the two tabs multiple times.

The clipboard itself could be divided into tabs specifically for Content URLs, Task IDs, other ANS IDs, and a general notepad for copying text and content elements.

The clipboard could just show the plain text of the URL or ID, but even more useful would be if it could render a headline and a featured media thumbnail for the content so that the user can recognize at a glance which item is which. The clipboard could also be searchable.

To further reduce the amount of keyboard copying and pasting, content creation apps and WebSked could include a button in the relevant locations in the UI to “Copy to Arc Home Clipboard”, similar to how the clipboard works in Composer.

This functionality would give the user a more unified experience across the Arc ecosystem while drastically reducing the amount of clicking and manual copying and pasting required.

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  • Jul 22 2020
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