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Enable Ability To Easily Add Relative Link in Composer

Something we would like an ability to do is insert a relative link in Composer. This is useful when we're linking to a story with the same Website URL segment and structure.

For example, rather than having to have unique absolute links that include the domain (, I would like to just insert a relative path to the link (ie. "/news/2019/10/23/my-example-url-segment-here"), which would allow that link to work on all of our group's sites if the story existed on them.

Currently, a red box appears in the "Enter link address" field if the full path isn't entered, it seems. Our current workaround may be a raw HTML block for the moment.


  • Troy Blevins
  • Oct 23 2019
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Jenny Czaja commented
    1 Feb, 2022 09:24pm

    Hello, thank you for checking in. The prior updates predate my time at Arc but I can say affirmatively that this is slated for our roadmap for the first half of this year. I welcome any additional feedback or insights to better understand your unique use cases!

  • Elinor O'Neill commented
    31 Jan, 2022 06:05pm

    Hi - any update on this since last year when it was targeted for Production in March 2021?

  • Troy Blevins commented
    2 Feb, 2021 07:02pm

    Thank you for the update!


  • Admin
    Ryan Gladstone commented
    31 Jan, 2021 04:37pm

    Hi Troy,

    We are planning to ship this to production by the end of March.



  • Troy Blevins commented
    30 Jan, 2021 12:06am

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to see if there may be an update on this Arc Idea. I see it's in the "Planned" stage, but wasn't sure when we may be able to anticipate this in an upcoming release.


  • Sara Skinner Cole commented
    20 May, 2020 01:17am

    I'd like to add a little more context to this issue to bump in up in consideration. We struggle with this issue daily. We have a content team that creates shared content for multiple (60+) websites, but can't properly link to older content or pages on the websites because Composer doesn't allow for relative URLs via a hyperlink or in the Interstitial Links field. We don't want to send all site visitors to a website that they aren't even visiting. We want to keep them on the website where they are reading the article. We created a hack for some of our websites, but it's not going to work for our new ones due to limitations of not being able to customize the code.