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Composer Setting: Template List > Order By

I would love to see the Template list in some sort of manageable order. Currently, we are managing hundreds of templates and we can't search or sort or order them in any way. The list also rearranges itself on each refresh. This is extremely painful when trying to update multiple templates. 1) My request would be to at least sort this list in Alphabetically order. 2) Add in the ability to filter by search 

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  • Dec 10 2019
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  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    10 Jan, 2020 09:32pm

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    In the short term we are going to implement:

    1. Sorting by alpha template name (a sort needs to exist so the order does not keep changing)

      1. Both in settings and in template selection

    2. Filtering by website (which I'm assuming is the same as Market?)

      1. Both in settings and in template selection

    We will continue to look into how to make the experience more efficient for users who often use the same templates repeatedly and to improve template search.


  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2020 09:07pm

    At least from a Multi Organizational  perspective, having the ability to Tether Templates to a Market/Publisher would be great. That way we could filter down when managing the templates. From an editor selection perspective having favs would be ideal OR having the templates again tethered to a market so when a user logs into their market, they would in theory only see their markets templates. Have favs seems like the easier of the two solutions. 

  • Lynda Finley commented
    10 Jan, 2020 08:15pm

    my opinion is that on the composer side, alpha by template names makes sense. Allowing the user to set favorites would be the most favorable change.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    10 Jan, 2020 07:54pm

    Thanks Ryan! Just to confirm, does Market mean website or website sections? Thanks!

    Also in Composer settings, you mentioned sorting by name as a need, which makes sense given as an admin you view all of the templates.

    If we add sort for selecting a template on the Editor-side (creating a story), what type of sort will be most impactful? Some options may be: Create date, Template Name, Last modified date, etc.

  • Guest commented
    16 Dec, 2019 03:27pm

    Thanks for the update. Do you mean Template Title or Template Description? Sorting/searching/filtering by template title makes more sense... similar to how editors search for specific templates when they are looking to create a story.


    From Editor's perspective any time we can approve the selection process, it wouldn't hurt. I'd have to ask around on to see if there are any pain points in the selection process. Having smart logic to surface most used templates by a user would be convenient or setting favorites per user would also help. Maybe sorting by Market? 

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    11 Dec, 2019 04:36pm

    Hi Ryan - thanks for the idea! We are already planning to add a search functionality on the settings > template page based on name and description. Let me know if searching by those 2 fields will suffice based on your large number of templates.

    Also, how is the selection experience for the editor perspective? As an admin you can set a single default or hide certain templates from your editors. Would like to see if there are any pain points there from your editors given the large number of templates.