Ideas for Arc XP

AWS Elemental Link Encoders for Video Center

The AWS Elemental Link encoders are reasonably priced, small form factor encoders that are essentially controlled in MediaLive. These encoders can be installed by non-technical teams in the field, only HDMI/SDI, power and network are required. The software is associated with an AWS account and is attached to a MediaLive input. The on-prem encoder is then brought up and down based on the state of the associated MediaLive channel with no local involvement outside of plugging in the mentioned cables. A backpack could easily be built out to support remote operations with these or they could be handed off to interns to install at events.

I believe these encoders would wonderfully compliment scheduling system in ArcXP Video Center. If integrated in to the platform, our editors working in Arc would be able to start livestreams from remote locations with little to no extra help and all from within the CMS. This would enable our team to bring more live video in to the Arc platform.

  • Adam Simpson
  • May 6 2022
  • Future consideration
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