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Better Auto Save

The auto-save behavior in Composer is triggered in a purely event-based manner and will only auto save in the following cases:

  • Opening the story after creating it will create a revision

  • The story has unsaved changes, and user switches to a different browser tab

  • User clicks on revision (view revisions)

  • The story is taken over by someone else

  • The lock expires due to idle


However, our users expect the auto-save feature to be a full, continuous save (think Google Docs).

This would help greatly in helping the auto-save behavior be more congruent with user expectations and can help prevent accidental data loss.

  • Claire Campbell
  • Dec 23 2019
  • Future consideration
Categories User Workflow
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  • Ian Krantz commented
    24 Dec, 2019 06:16pm

    Yes, there should be a time-interval based autosave as well.   An important feature  of a better autosave is to NOT create additional revisions of the story everytime an autosave takes place (and also NOT to create a new revision when you open a story without editing it and saving it.  THe current way opening a story and doing autosaves creates many revisions that may not be different from each other in any way.   This causes the number of revisions on many stories  to grow past the 100 revision limit that can be accessed within composer.