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WebSked: Allow direct entry of dates in Date filters in addition to picking from Calendar

(Sorry about the copy and paste.  It wouldn't be necessary if we could  enter more than one product to be specified for an idea)

 It would be great if you could  enter a date directly when selecting Start and End time for a date filter.  We have content dating back to 2007, and to specify a date in the past, it is necessary to click through the calendar MANY times (often twice, when both start and end are deep in past.) Granted, we don't need to specify dates years back in WebSked the way we do in Anglerfish and Ellipsis, but user interfaces should work as consistently as possible across Arc modules.

Note that this is something that should be done consistently across all Arc modules.



Ian Krantz

Philadelphia Media Network


  • Ian Krantz
  • Dec 20 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Ryan Gladstone commented
    21 Dec, 2018 05:14am

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for the submission. I'll have the team review the feasibility of this request.