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Calendar view for WebSked

A list is nice. But a calendar view makes it easier to plan what's coming next, plan for and around gaps, and at-a-glance see what's happening. A calendar would be based on platforms, and should be accessible for for a day and week view.

If a calendar view is not possible within Arc, then integrating with existing applications, like Google Calendar, is a great first step or alternative. 

In an advanced stage, the calendar format would allow users to overlay information from more than one platform. (Then it would be possible to see when a story was pitched for a website, social media and a newsletter, for example, and assuming that's how a publication uses platform pitches.) 

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  • Sep 24 2019
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    Stuart Ridgway commented
    17 May 06:32pm


    Thanks for your feedback. We are in the process now of considering how we might integrate a Calendar into WebSked. I like the idea of giving you the ability to view the Calendar based on Platform.

    We'll keep you posted, thanks!