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Collections API - Article Body Content

It would be beneficial if the Collections API had article body content available. We use collections for stacking/ordering of some websites sections. We also have PBE code to realize if an article includes an embedded video player so we can surface a video play icon on section fronts to note video is included in the article. With collections, there is no access to article body content so there is no signal that a video is contained. Video in lead_art is available, but at times video is also included in article bodies instead and in cases where it only is in the body, we cannot surface any video included icon.

  • Clay McNeill
  • Jun 23 2021
  • Future consideration
WebSked / API
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  • Clay McNeill commented
    9 Jul, 2021 04:08pm

    This is more about the API output from a collection. It would be nice to see an indication a video exists in the Websked Collection GUI, but this request is actually about the API. When we use that API for a content source to populate a section, articles which contain video do not have any indication that video is available on the section display.

  • Admin
    Jenny Czaja commented
    9 Jul, 2021 04:00pm

    Hi Clay, thank you for sharing this. To make sure I understand, it sounds like you would like to see an indication within Collections that a story contains a video? We'll add this for future consideration, we appreciate your idea.