Ideas for Arc XP

Allow combining of users

We very frequently have users that create multiple accounts, either by forgetful accidents via multiple emails or in many attempts to troll other users and moderators. There are other instances, but those are the most encountered.

We would like the ability to combine any users as a way to have a historical log of those individuals.

This would allow us to:

  • Have a historical log for users when they attempt to log in via the incorrect email.

    • Empowering our Support team when they receive support emails requesting assistance.

    • User "Amy" has accounts on email B and email C. She made a subscription on email C last week, but now wants to transfer that subscription to email B and primarily use that account.

    • User "Steve" no longer has access to email A, the email was deactivated by the university. Steve wishes to transfer his account and data to a newly created email B account for the foreseeable future.

    • User "David" created an account, months later requests that it be removed/deleted. Support complies. David comes back a time later and repeats the process.

  • Have a historical log of users that make efforts to troll other users and moderators.

    • Allow for Support and Legal to have a historical log of problematic users in the event of any issues that could arise from user interactions.

    • User X badgers User "Amy" every week. User X gets banned or removed. User X comes back as User Y and continues the badgering of User "Amy".
      Allow for the combination of these users requiring "Combination Reason" drop down along with notes.

  • Jordin Littmann
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Future consideration
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