Ideas for Arc XP

Provide developer API to update linked subscriptions for Print & Group Subscriptions

There are some methods in private API that we need in the developer API. These methods are:

  • Cancelation account (this methods already exist in the Private API, we need the two methods, request to cancel and account and confirm cancel the account):
    • Give free subscription to a user: POST /sales/private/v1/subscription/free
    • Change the expiration date of a free subscription: PUT /sales/private/v1/subscription/{idSubscription}/free
    • Terminate a subscription: PUT /sales/private/v1/subscription/terminate
    • Cancel a subscription: PUT /sales/private/v1/subscription/cancel
    • Update method /sales/api/v1/subscription/all in the developer API to can filter by product

Give a user a free subscription (POST /sales/private/v1/subscription/free):

  • There will be an offer to get a product "paper + digital access". PRISA will send you the physical newspaper to your home and you will have free access to the digital content in the website. This product will be a kind of paper product for our business. It won't be paid in ARC and when a user buy it we need to give him a digital product, and the way for it is to give him a free subscription.

  • There will be an offer to get a product for companies. The companies don't pay with credit card sometimes. We need to charge the purchase outside ARC. This offer is for give web access for a big number of the employees of the company. We need a process outside ARC to do it automatically. The way is to give a free subscription to the company employees.

Change the expirant date of a free subscription (PUT /sales/private/v1/subscription/{idSubscription}/free)

  • For some products we need to change the end date for the users who have the free subscription when the contract conditions will be modified.

Terminate a subscription (PUT /sales/private/v1/subscription/terminate)

  • For some products we need to finish a subscription when the company doesn't pay.

  • Also, when the user doesn't pay the product "paper + digital access".

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  • Nov 7 2019
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    Jessica Cavallo commented
    13 Feb, 2020 06:05pm

    This work is scheduled for Q3 or Q4 of 2020.