Ideas for Arc XP

Enable possibility to configure a default mapping between story section in Arc and story section in the print CMS

Current situation: Stories published in section A of a web site that are bound to be sent to the print CMS belong 90% of the time to the same section 1 in print CMS. Yet, when I pitch such stories to the print CMS I always have to search for the corresponding print CMS section to put it in the right place.

Wished situation: A new configuration is defined in WebSked to map sections of each web site to sections of a publication. Whenver a story is published or planned to be published to a website section which maps to a publication section and that this story is pitched for the publication, then the story is by default pitched on the mapped section of the publication.

The predefined publication section can be overwritten at pitch time .


  • avoid mistakes when pitching

  • spare 1 more click at pitch time to indicate publication section in most of the cases

  • Guillaume Lefebvre
  • Mar 30 2020
  • Future consideration
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